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Registration Paperwork

Required KindiePrep Student Registration Forms

Download the New Student Registration Checklist first to help you keep track of all the documents you need to register your new student. Please complete one form per student.
  1. KindePrep Deposit/Contract ($200.00)
  2. DCSD Registration Form
  3. Student Birth Certificate (supplied by parent)
  4. KindiePrep Registration Form
  5. KindiePrep Pick-Up Authorization Form
  6. KindiePrep Student Health Appraisal Form
  7. Student Immunization Record (supplied by parent)
  8. KindiePrep ExtraCare Late Pick-Up Policy Acknowledgement
  9. KindiePrep Parent Notification of Evacuation Form
  10. KindiePrep Authorization for Treatment and Transportation Form
  11. KindiePrep Field Trip Permission Form