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Important Registration for AA Students: DCSD K-8 “Express Check-In” - July 24 - 31

DCSD Online Express Check-In for the 2024-25 school year is now open for K-8! 
Please note, this is for grades K-8, and not for KindiePrep students. Kindieprep parents, please disregard. 

American Academy families with students (new and returning) who will be in grades K-8 in the coming year must complete two registrations annually. For more information about our two registrations please click here).  

Express Check-In is required in order to secure your K-8 student's spot at American Academy for the coming school year. During this process you will update your student’s…

  • Health information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc.)

  • Student Media Limitations

  • Pay annual student fees through My School Bucks

  • Review district-required information

To make changes to your student’s household and emergency contact information (address changes, emergency contact changes/additions), we ask that you please submit your request using our Contact an American Academy Registrar form.

Please follow the steps below to complete Express Check-In by July 31, 2024.

  1. K-8 DCSD Online Express Check-In (complete for each student). If you receive a “Resource Not Found” error message, please clear your cache and delete browsing data.

  2. K-8 MySchoolBucks payment of yearly student fees (complete for each student)

The login process for accessing the EngagED Parent Portal has recently changed. Parents/guardians must now add after their current username when logging into the EngagED Parent Portal. For example, if you have previously accessed with a username of absmith, you will now use [email protected] for your username along with your district password which has not changed. If you need to change your district password and/or manage your account, you can do so on the DCSD website Manage DCSD Account. If you run into difficulty logging in to EngagED using the new login process outlined above, please contact your campus registrar or the DCSD IT Department by clicking here, or calling 303-387-0001.

Parent Portal account access help is available on our website if you are having any issues logging into Infinite Campus.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact an American Academy K-8 Registrar.