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Prospective Family Information

American Academy KindiePrep enrolls all new students via random lottery because we want every child to have an opportunity to attend our school. The American Academy KindiePrep enrollment lottery will be run on December 5th (or the first school day thereafter should the enrollment date ever fall on a weekend). All students entered in the American Academy KindiePrep lottery waitlist by 11:59 pm on December 4 are included in the lottery on December 5th. For more information on our lottery procedure, please review the American Academy Enrollment Policy.


The KindiePrep registrar will begin making email offers (using the information provided to us in your SchoolMint account), starting in January. Upon receipt of an offer of enrollment, parents have 72 hours (time-stamped) to accept or decline that offer. Upon accepting an offer of enrollment, parents will have 5 calendar days to turn in all completed enrollment paperwork.

If your family was offered a spot at any time and you did not respond or declined the offer, your family was removed from the waitlist. It is a family's responsibility to submit a waitlist application via SchoolMint Enroll if you are still interested in enrollment.

* PLEASE NOTE : American Academy KindiePrep can no longer accommodate IEP's and/or offer services*

*At this time we are not participating in UPK.*


To ensure the school's waitlist database is current, families must reapply each year they wish to be included in the lottery.  Families that applied in a prior year will be removed from the waitlist for future lotteries on September 1 (or the last school day prior should September 1 fall on a weekend) of each year.  On September 2 (or the school day following the waitlist 'clean'), you may add your family back to the waitlist.  
When an offer is accepted by your student, whether it’s at the campus of your first choice or last choice, your student will automatically be removed from the waitlists at any other campuses you may have applied to. There is no option to remain on the waitlist at other campuses after accepting an offer. If you wish to wait for an opening at a different campus, you will need to decline the offer you received; you will then be removed from the waitlist at the campus that generated the offer, and you will forfeit your place in line for that campus. There is no guarantee you will receive an offer from other campuses and there is a risk of not being offered enrollment in the future.

In District vs. Out of District

Per our school's charter contract with DCSD, we are legally obligated to extend offers of enrollment to in-district families before we extend offers to out-of-district families. Address submitted must be your current address of residence; do not provide an address for a planned or future residency. If you reside outside of Douglas County School District at the time we extend an offer, but indicated you lived in-district at the time of the lottery, we will be required to rescind any offers of enrollment and will adjust your waitlist position to reflect out-of-district residency. 

KindiePrep Entrance Age Requirements

Per our KindiePrep Licensure, students entering the 4-year-old program must be 4 by October 1st of the year entering school, and cannot turn 6 before the end of the school year. Students entering the 3-year-old program must be 3 by August 1st of the year entering school.  

KindiePrep Entrance Requirements

All KindiePrep students are required to be fully potty trained. KindiePrep is not licensed for diapering.