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American Academy KindiePrep is a private, tuition-based pre-Kindergarten program open to all children four to five years old by October 1, or three years old by August 1. Enrollment in KindiePrep, like the American Academy K-8 program, is lottery-based.

Ready to Know

Young children learn very differently from older children and require a different mix of delivery techniques. In keeping with that idea, KindiePrep offers a true academic pre-Kindergarten experience to our littlest students, but delivers all curriculum, from Core Knowledge to science discovery, in a age- and developmentally-appropriate manner.
Our KindiePrep teachers know that when they teach three- to five-year-olds about numbers and history, they need to get down on the floor, bring out the props, paints and crayons, crank up the music or mix up the learning with play and other fun hands-on activities. They put little hands to practice with scissors and pencils and paper, and keep little legs running and jumping. They make sure that our Discovery curriculum can be held and touched and grasped and smelled, and Core Knowledge history can be danced, worn, painted or sung.

With this kind of age-appropriate delivery and instruction, KindiePrep students will acquire a strong foundation for future learning at American Academy or wherever they go next.

Ready to Grow!

While we are instructing KindiePrep students in curriculum, we are also teaching them how to be students and they are learning how to learn! We introduce them to classroom manners and etiquette, foster social-emotional growth by encouraging personal responsibility and empathy, and give them tools for communication with each other and the rest of the world. We practice the gross and fine motor skills needed to move and coordinate their bodies for skills necessary in age-appropriate writing, reading, and math. While they are with us, our KindiePrep students grow into Kindergarten students who are ready to take on the next-level challenges and focus of any K-8 academic setting.