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KP-MB Newsletter

February 15, 2024



Feb 16 - No School - Teacher Comp Day 

Feb 19 - No School - Presidents' Day

Feb 23 - Dress of Choice Day

Feb 23 - End of Trimester

Mar 18 - 22 Spring Break


Teachers will be sending home progress reports by Mar. 1st.  If you have any questions about your child's progress please reach out to their teacher.
As you may know, if your child is in aftercare, Friday afternoons are movie days. (Thursday's if we are not is school on Friday.) We have typically only shown G rated movies.  However, the children have been requesting movies like Frozen, Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, and so on; but they are rated PG.  We will begin showing some Disney PG movies. If your child attends aftercare and you do not want them watching PG movies please let the Director know and we will figure something else out. 
We have been seeing more and more dress code violations.  Please make sure your child is in proper dress code KindiePrep Dress Code Policy. The biggest violation we see is with shoes - NO BOOTS OR SANDLES AND NO CHARACTERS OR LIGHTS! Shoes that tie or velcro with good traction are the best choice. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: If carpool is actively going on you must go through carpool. KindiePrep families cannot skip carpool.  Also, please be kind to the staff that is working carpool.  They are out there to keep everyone safe!





KindiePrep school day hours are from 8:30am-3:00pm. It is important for our child to be at school on time. Students arriving at school on time have the advantage of settling in, preparing their class materials, and focusing their minds on the day to come. Being late can also cause children to miss important information for the day.  The doors to KindiePrep open at 8:15am giving families 15 minutes to get their student signed and settled in for the day. In the afternoon families have from 3:00pm to 3:15pm to pick up their children, unless they are signed up for extra-care. If children are not picked up by 3:15pm they will be put in extra-care and you will be charged $18.00 for their care. We will also call to inquire about you pick up plan.  



You must sign your student in at drop-off and out at pick-up! This is a super important for many reasons. This is how we find out if you child does or does not need hot lunch each day.  The state also requires that we maintain attendance records. Most importantly, it's for safety! We need to know who is in attendance so if something happens we know exactly who is here, where to find them, and who to contact.  



We do offer a hot lunch option here in KindiePrep and this year it is free for all students.  The school district provides the meals, and they are prepared in the school cafeteria.  We let the cafeteria staff know how many hot lunches we need in the morning, and then we go pick them up around 11:30am.  Lunch is at 11:45am in KindiePrep. The lunch menu is out each month, and can be found outside each classroom or on our KindiePrep Lunch Menu.  If your child is going to be having hot lunch you will need to mark it in the SmartCare system when you sign them in in the morning. You also have the option to send your child a healthy sack lunch. Suggestion: If you know you have a picky eater please think about that when making lunch decisions. if you would like to order a milk for your child to have with their home lunch that is an option, but you must pay for the milk. It is not free; a milk cost $1.25.  You will need to put money a My School Bucks account for them in order to purchase a milk.



We offer a before and after school program for those families that need more care than 8:30am to 3:00pm each day.  Our morning program runs from 7:00am – 8:15am, and our aftercare program runs from 3:15pm – 5:30pm.  If you would like to utilize this program you will need to fill out a calendar each month and turn it in to Assistant Director Liz Glick. Calendars can be found in the KP front office and on the KP webpage. We do have limited space so it will be filled on a first come first serve bases. (5 full day families that purchased the package deal do not need to fill out a calendar, and those students are first on the list.)



If you have questions about the dress code please review the KindiePrep Dress Code Policy. We will be checking for dress code compliance, and you will be notified if your child is out of compliance. The last Friday of every month is a Dress of Choice day which means the children have the option to wear any school appropriate outfit. (See Dress Code Policy) All other Friday’s are Spirit days.  This means the children need to wear their navy-blue bottoms, but they can wear an American Academy spirit shirt. These shirts can be found in the Spirit Gear Store or they can be t-shirts the children receive from the school for special events like Fun Run or Field Day!



I always like to remind families about our Food at School policy at the beginning of the school year.  We have these rules in place for the health and safety of our students.


  • NO FOOD BIRTHDAY TREATS allowed at school.
    Other non-food treats are welcome, per teacher discretion! This is not a change from last year, just a continuation of what you’ve already been doing. We know kiddos love birthday sweets but it just gets to be too much sugar at school with so many birthdays to celebrate year-round.
    This is always a concern.  We are not a nut free facility; however, we do take precautions.  If your child is in a classroom with a student that has severe allergies we will restrict nuts in that classroom.  Your teachers will let you know if this is the case in your child’s room. 
  • FOOD IS OK for classroom parties and classroom learning events.
    You can bring in food items to eat as well as food items for crafts and games. However, we ask that parents work with teachers to ensure that any food allergy concerns are addressed in the planning process. We want to be sure ALL students can participate in the fun safely


Packing a healthy lunch, and snacks, for your children is so important.  It gives them energy to get through the day, and nutrients to help them learn and grow. However, portion control and variety are also important.  Here are a few things that might help you plan your child’s lunch.

  • The children only have 25 minutes to eat lunch, so make sure it is enough to fill their tummies, but not so much that it gets wasted.
  • The State/USDA guidelines maintain the children need a protein, fruit and/or vegetable, and a grain at lunch.
  • If you want your child’s lunch to be warm you can order them a hot lunch from the school, for free, or you may    bring their lunch into school by 11am, after you have prepared it at home. 


REMEMBER – If carpool is actively moving when you arrive you must go through carpool.  You cannot skip or go around carpool - EVER!


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sarah Redder or Liz Glick